A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor~

Us Against The World

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I hate how this affects no one but my family. I didn’t do this to myself, it’s a two man job. I hate how your mom thinks that this has nothing to do with her when it does. You’re HER son, YOU got me pregnant. I’m not asking for much just a tiny bit of help would be nice. I feel horrible because I’ve once again financially hurt my own family and we barely make it by as it is. We barely stay afloat and you don’t care at all. Just getting high everyday is the main goal. Not getting a job to take care of your own son. Not giving me a little bit of money so I can better prepare for him. I’m so stressed out and I feel like a broken record constantly repeating myself over and over again. I wish I had known that this was really how it was gonna be. I wish I hadn’t trusted and believed you because it did nothing but get me hurt. I love my son more than anything in this world but truthfully I wish I had waited. This isn’t the kind of world he should be brought into. It’s just gonna be hard for him and he’s gonna struggle. Either worse that I did as a kid or just as bad. I feel terrible because I feel like I’ve already failed as a mom and that I’ve already failed him because everything is just so wrong.

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